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The new self-service Customer Portal will soon be available for our customers, making it simple to access loan account details and complete basic transactions and requests. If you have an enquiry related to this upcoming change, please contact our Customer Loan Support team at or on 1300 163 184.

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Frequently asked questions

Every Portal Login must have its own email address and mobile. You can only use a shared email or mobile number for one Portal login.

To add access for a co-borrower or guarantor, please contact Loan Support with new contact details and we can set that up for you.

The reset email is automatically generated and should take less than 10 minutes to arrive. We will ask you to check these things first:
1. Have you checked your Junk Email or Spam folder?
2. Have your changed your email address? Your new email address becomes your new login User Name.

Check the number you have registered by going to the Welcome menu, select Profile and check your User Information.

If you have tried a wrong password three (3) times, it will lock you out for 15 minutes. You should receive an email advising you this as well. In the meantime, check that your Caps Lock is not on. After 15 minutes you can try your password again, or click Forgot Password.

Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported. The Portal has been tested for Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari – please try one of these. You may need to open the new browser and then Copy & Paste the link from the email the URL box at the top.

The Redraw button is only available for loans that have Redraw facility and where one person alone has authority to sign for that loan.

The Redraw button function is only for amounts of $5,000 or less, you must sign a Redraw Request Form for larger amounts. This is to protect your account funds.

Your Current bank account details and the BPay Biller Code and reference can be found on the Payment Details tab. As per standard practise, the amount will be accredited to your account on the day of the transaction, but are not available for Redraw during the 3 days clearance period.

You can download, sign and email the Direct Debit Change Request page which you can find on the Request tab.

You can print official Statements from the Statements tab. If you need an official Statement for recent transactions or a specified time period, please contact Loan Support for an Out-Of-Cycle Statement (fees apply).

For unofficial purposes you can try selecting Print from your Browser window, which will show a screen shot from the Portal.

You can change from paper to electronic statements and letters (or go back to paper) in the Portal. When you first setup, there is a tickbox to ask if you would like all communications via email. If you change your mind or wish to set up later, the tickbox is visible to tick or untick in your Profile on the User Information tab.

The Loan Support team are based in Sydney (Australia) and available from 8:30am-5:30pm AEST Monday to Friday. You can email or call 1300 163 184 (cost of a local call anywhere in Australia).

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