FAQs for investors


Thinktank is Australia’s leading specialist commercial property finance provider. Established in 2006, Thinktank has financed more than $8 billion in retail, office, industrial and residential property loans to Australian businesses and experienced property investors with a proud record marked by excellence in credit quality management, loan portfolio performance and stakeholder relations.

Thinktank is independently audited annually by Ernst & Young and has reported increasing net profits after tax in its audited accounts each year since the inception of the Income and High Yield Trust. Thinktank also has a stable shareholder base which includes an ASX300 listed company with a 30% share.

There are no fees to invest in the bonds nor to redeem your capital once the 12 month term has expired. Should you wish to redeem your capital early a 2% early redemption fee may apply. There is a management fee or 0.70% p.a. which is taken from the interest paid by the borrower. All quoted returns are net of fees.

To invest in Thinktank’s Income and/or High Yield Trust please contact Lauren Ryan BDM-Investment at lryan@thinktank.net.au or 0401974839

If you wish to have your capital returned to you at the end of the 12 month term, you must notify Thinktank at least 30 (but no more than 90) days prior to the monthly payment that immediately follows the end of the 12 month term.

Loans to borrowers are secured against the property themselves or another form of eligible security types (see Eligible Security Types information sheet link). Loans in the Income Trust are secured by a first-ranking mortgage and loans in the High Yield Trust are secured by a second-ranking mortgage.

Yes both trusts have a dynamic loss provision. The Income Trust has a loss provision up to 1% of the loan pool balance & the High Yield Trust has a loss provision up to 2% of the loan pool balance.

Wholesale/sophisticated investors can invest in Thinktank’s Income Trust or High Yield Trust. Thinktank is offering investors a 12 month bond in either/both trusts whereby investors receive monthly coupon interest payments and are able to redeem their capital after the 12 months or roll over for another 12 month investment. The funds invested are then lent to borrowers who wish to purchase a commercial property.

The minimum investment in either trust is $10,000.

Thinktank will post monthly reports on collateral performance on our website for investors to review. At the end of the financial year Thinktank will provide investors with a summary of interest earned.

Investment in the Income Trust produce annual effective returns of 7.66% p.a. and investment in the High Yield Trust produce annual effective returns of 10.56% p.a.

Thinktank can accept investments from wholesale & sophisticated investors. Investors who meet this criteria can invest under their own name, their company, SMSF or trust.

AMAL Asset Management Ltd, rated “Strong” as a servicer by Standard & Poors, acts as a back up servicer to the Income and High Yield Trusts which means both Trusts will continue to be managed by a capable independent organisation and will adhere to the commitments and obligations contained in the Information Memorandum.