Environmental, Social and Governance at Thinktank

At Thinktank, we believe that meaningful and impactful ESG goals and practices are fundamental to how we interact with our people, our customers, our business partners and the global community in which we live and work.

We believe in equity, fairness and transparency. We recognise the diversity of beliefs, experiences and backgrounds, and our workplace is one where employees feel respected and included.

We are committed to playing a positive role in the community in which we operate, by actively implementing practices that reduce our impact on the environment while also giving back by supporting causes and organisations that so capably assist those in need.

Good governance and ethical conduct are core principles that have consistently guided our business and our people from the outset. These are attributes that can never be taken for granted and lie at the heart of everything we do.

To read more about Thinktank’s Environmental, Social and Governance position and activities please download our ESG Statement.