Security for our customers

Thinktank is committed to keeping your account details secure. We have a dedicated IT and security division that is committed to protecting your personal information at all times.

We have ensured your information stays safe online by implementing a wide range of industry best practice security measures and safeguards to protect your details.

These include:

  • Secure login pages (fully encrypted)
  • 2 factor authentication for first sign on
  • Ability to change your username or password at any time
  • Our system will lock out a user after 3 incorrect login attempts
  • Our system will time out and close the session after 15 minutes of inactivity

Email and Phishing scams are common and increasing online security threats. These scams often attempt to trick customers into disclosing personal information through a link embedded in an email. These emails often look very professional and give the appearance of being from a legitimate financial institution or other credible source. Please be aware: 

  • Thinktank will never ask for your online banking login details via phone or email
  • Thinktank will never ask you for your online access password

If you receive an email that seems suspicious please inform our Loan Support team on 1300 163 184 or

Thinktank takes your online safety and security very seriously. However, it is equally important that our customers take measures to improve security wherever possible for themselves as well. Some steps you can take are: 

  1. Change your password regularly, we recommend every 30 days, and do not provide it to anyone
  2. Avoid using the same password for different online applications
  3. Avoid using public computers and public WiFi
  4. Do not write your password down or provide any personal information like a PIN number or bank account details via email
  5. Install security software on your personal computer and enable automatic updates
  6. If you notice any suspicious activity or have a security concern and believe your personal information may be at risk, please promptly contact one of our Loan Support Officers on 1300 163 184 or