A better way to borrow for commercial property

We established Thinktank to make a genuine difference in commercial property finance

When we formed Thinktank in 2006, our aim was to provide a superior range of borrowing options and level of service in meeting the needs and preferences of SME businesses and commercial property investors. A dozen years on and we have become Australia’s leading independent commercial property lender through offering our borrowers a genuine alternative to the banks.

We’re committed to fairness, transparency and professionalism in all that we do across all of our relationships with borrowers, introducers, professional service providers, institutions and government. We think that’s what you should expect from a lender. And it’s why we’ve been able to meet the needs of borrowers throughout Australia in writing more than $2.5 billion in loans and issued over $1.0 billion in AAA rated bonds (by Standard and Poors) to Australian and international institutional investors.

What sets us apart

We like to think a little differently to other lenders. It’s what defines us and it sits within our name. We don’t stand still, always thinking and pursuing new ways to help our borrowers and finance partners achieve their goals. We do this by offering:

Flexible and tailored solutions

  • we offer set and forget 30 year loans and up to 5 years interest only
  • our range of loans includes Full Doc, Mid Doc, Quick Doc and SMSF
  • we fund up to 75% LVR

Reduced cost and stress

  • there’s no requirement for expensive and time consuming revaluations or annual loan reviews
  • our diverse loan mix caters for most types of commercial property situations
  • you have a dedicated Relationship Manager who is with you from start to finish

Confidence and speed of delivery

  • most loan approvals are provided within 3-5 days once we have all relevant information in hand
  • with title insurance, settlements can be achieved within 10-14 days
  • approaching $1.5 billion in loans advanced to Australian SME’s and investors

Specialist understanding

  • we’re the leading independent specialist in commercial property – it’s all we do
  • every team member is highly experienced – our senior executives all individually possess more than 20 years experience in commercial property and SME lending

Trusted and credible

  • we remained strong and resilient through and since the GFC, growing in size and reach
  • our founders and executive team have backgrounds in successfully building and managing high quality commercial loan portfolios with different financial institutions
  • we maintain an extremely strong compliance regime and are audited annually by an international audit firm

Thinktank Private – alternative funding options (on request)

  • Higher LVR options and GST loans
  • Flexible serviceability options
  • Range of commercial property security types

Our leadership team

Relationships at all levels are important to us and it’s what we’ve built our entire business around. So we’d like to introduce you to our key people at Thinktank – the most experienced commercial team in the industry.

Jonathan Street CEO

Jonathan has over 30 years experience in the finance industry with major institutions in Australia and the UK including National Australia Bank, Rothchilds Asset Management, Cargill Financial Markets and Accenture. As one of the founders of Thinktank, Jonathan has been instrumental in the development and evolution of the business to where it is today.

Peter Kearns General Manager

Peter is a highly experienced and credentialed senior manager with over 35 years experience in the banking and finance industry including AMP Property Finance and Citibank. With a deep knowledge of commercial property finance including credit, operational administration and compliance, Peter has long been one of the most respected professionals in the industry.

Peter Vala Head of Sales and Distribution

Peter’s extensive experience spans residential, commercial and development finance, offering highly specialised skills in strategic plan implementation as well as a strong working relationship with brokers and aggregators. Most recently an executive with ANZ, Peter brings a considerable depth of skills, experience and thought leadership to our company.

Per Amundsen Director

Prior to Thinktank, Per was General Manager of AMP Property Finance, building a book of $1.5 billion in SME commercial property loans. An executive member of the Australian Risk Management Association, Per is a respected senior executive bringing an enormous amalgamation of property finance experience from institutions including Toronto Dominion, Westpac and Mirvac.

Cullen Hughes CFO and Treasurer

Cullen has over 20 years’ experience in financial services, with a focus in securitisation and capital markets across multiple major institutions including CBA, Citibank, Societe Generale and Zurich Capital Markets. With further experience gained at ASIC in the Investment Bank Division, Cullen has worked extensively in facilitating debt capital markets financing for a number of businesses in Australia for residential mortgages, equipment lease receivables, commercial mortgages, consumer loans and auto loans.

Your privacy is important to Thinktank and we take the responsibility of handling your personal information very seriously.

Recent amendments to the Privacy Act 1988 have introduced new principles called the Australian Privacy Principles and these have been incorporated into Thinktank’s policies.

Our Privacy Policy now describes in more detail:

  • how we collect and handle your personal information;
  • who we exchange your information with;
  • when we may send your information overseas and to which countries; and
  • how you can access and correct your information and how you can complain about a breach.

Please read our new Privacy Policy carefully. These changes will apply whenever we collect, use or exchange your information, so it is important for you to be aware of them.

You can view our Privacy Policy and Credit Reporting Policy in full here.

You can view our Statement of Notifiable Matters in full here

We have also amended our Privacy Consent form which we obtain from all loan applicants and prospective guarantors. This can also be viewed here.

Dispute Resolution Procedures

We hope you are satisfied with our products and service. If you are not, please first speak to your nominated representative or telephone 1300 781 043 and ask to speak to the Compliance Officer. If you are not satisfied with any decision or our handling of the complaint, your complaint may be referred for external resolution to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority. Their contact details are set out below.

Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA)

Post: GPO Box 3 Melbourne VIC 3001

Phone: 1800 931 678

Email: info@afca.org.au

Web: www.afca.org.au

Additional information in relation to AFCA including rules and guidelines are available from their website.

Think Tank has introduced the following Policy and has also engaged BDO Secure as an independent recipient of any possible inquiries if needed. Please click on the highlighted links for details.

Helping to Fight Poverty Through Microfinance


Thinktank is very proud to be associated with the global charitable organisation Good Return as part of our ongoing interest in, and commitment to, corporate social responsibility.

How And Where Good Return Operates

For further information about any of the case studies below, click on the links. Nepal – Apsara Timalsina provides for her family and helps her village. Philippines – Carmelita Bacas supports and educates her family. Nepal – Dhankumari Chejung puts her five daughters through school. Fiji – Vive Besse starts two businesses and plans against future floods. Philippines – Meet Evangeline, a Good Return borrower.

Making A Difference Through Microfinance – Good Return Success Stories

Good Return builds sustainable pathways out of poverty by providing access to responsible microfinance and skills development opportunities to the working poor in the Asia Pacific region. Good Return is accredited with and works alongside the federal government agency for international development (Australian Aid). For more detailed information on the activities and achievements of Good Return, we encourage you to visit their website –www.goodreturn.org.

Thinktank’s Relationship With Good Return

Commencing in May of 2014, Thinktank’s commitment to Good Return is to contribute $100 for every new loan settlement that we complete and on each occasion, we will be extending an open, no obligation, invitation to our partners in the transaction, whether they be introducers, borrowers or professional service providers, to match our own amount. Receipts for these tax deductible contributions will be provided by Good Return while all contributors will receive periodic reports on the uses to which the funds are directed and the resulting benefits that are accruing in the communities involved.

What It Means to Become Involved

Thinktank’s contributions will be made regardless of matching by our business partners or the borrower but we would encourage all our business associates to join us in what we feel is a very worthwhile and productive cause in fighting poverty and creating lasting, long term benefits in regions of great need. In a manner consistent with what we feel are the positive features of the business that Thinktank is in, we are pleased to quite literally lend our support to this cause which demonstrates the immense power of how a relatively small donation can work to transform the circumstances and future prospects of an entire family and their community.

It is very easy to become involved. New borrowers can simply elect to donate the matching $100 by placing a tick in the Good Return box upon completing the Settlement Authority that will accompany their Letter of Offer. Similarly, Thinktank business partners can choose to have the amount deducted at the same time.

A Worthwhile Cause That Makes a Real Difference

As stated by Good Return, microfinance and skills development enables individuals to develop the confidence, knowledge, and capability to break the cycle of poverty for good.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of Thinktank, thank you for taking an interest in this important and worthwhile association with Good Return.

Download our factsheet: How Thinktank works with Good Return.

We also support The Smith Family, Salvation Army, Red Cross, Medicins sans Frontieres and The Fred Hollows Foundation.

For further information, please contact Director, Per Amundsen on 1300 781 043 or pamundsen@thinktank.net.au

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